Sound Solutions specializes in providing high performance audio, video, film, control and automation systems for the upper echelon of the entertainment industry, residential and corporate clients. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a unique understanding of complex systems and a competitive edge over the other companies. Our past projects have included: audio, video, control and automation systems, screening rooms, advertising agencies, corporate conference rooms, boardrooms, performance spaces, and training facilities.

We offer a broad range of design and consulting services from conceptual planning and review of the systems and technology available now and anticipated in the future, to fully engineered plans including wiring, electrical, and equipment locations for fully integrated technical systems. At the minimum we recommend our clients be prepared for emerging technology. By designing a structured wiring plan, we can help lay a foundation for the pending convergence of entertainment, computer, internet, safety and building systems.

We create the most advanced control/automation systems available, featuring enhanced security and comfort features, ease-of-operation and a significant aesthetic improvement over the conventional approach of a collection of separate and mismatched systems. Our approach blends all the project's systems into one cohesive, simple-to-use, elegant and efficient system, with future expandability. We have designed and installed full control systems that are managing projects up to 55,000 square feet. These systems are fully intuitive, easy to operate and provide control of all systems including: lighting, HVAC, audio and video, security alarm, pool/spa, gates, doors, curtains, drapes, lifts, weather reporting and more.

There are significant advantages to involving us in the early planning stages, if possible. The best results, by far, are attained when technology is treated as a primary element of the project's design, not as an afterthought or add-on. Our contributions to the design process will allow the basic building design and the selection of various sub-systems to be planned from the start to incorporate the best control and entertainment technology available, with future expandability. This approach results in better systems, saves time and money and generally improves aesthetics.

We have successfully managed and completed projects across North America, including Mexico. We are equipped to design, support and supervise projects anywhere in the world from our Los Angeles office. In some cases much of the on-site labor is performed by others, per our engineered drawings and documentation, in other cases we provide the majority of the required labor. We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate whatever division of responsibility best supports our clients and projects. Once completed, we perform remote diagnostics and software updates from our headquarters, via modem. This, in combination with our incredibly reliable systems and a minimal set of hardware spares (recommended for all hardware installations), has resulted in our providing ongoing support successfully for all of our clients, regardless of location.

We are a full service company that provides basic consultation and/or system design through fully integrated turn-key systems. Sound Solutions is an authorized dealer for over 150 audio/video product lines, and are certified dealers, designers and installers of THX Ltd. Systems. (THX is a trademark or registered trademark of THX Ltd. All rights reserved) We are a state licensed contractor and members of CEDIA, HAA, CABA, AIA, and ISF. Our commercial/corporate client list includes Nissan Motors, Walt Disney, Siemens, Federal Reserve Bank, Nike, J. Paul Getty Museum, City of Ventura, CA, and the City of Beverly Hills.